Work Like a DJ And Help Your Back and Neck Posture

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DJ Equipment Can Help Your Neck and Back!


Neck pain and back pain and aches are something people often come to an osteopathic clinic for help with.


One thing I’ve noticed over the past few years is an increasing trend of lots of laptop use being a common contributing factor.


This is because using a laptop means you slump more, holding your head at a bent angle. It is very difficult to sit up straight when using a laptop, unlike if you are using a desktop, because the screen is low.


Simply put – poor sitting posture can contribute to neck, upper back and low back pain.


Does It Really Make That Much Difference?


The reason sitting poorly is bad for your spine and muscles, is that your head is actually quite heavy at an average of 5kg. The neck and upper shoulder muscles which help hold your head upright, have to work even harder if your head is held at an angle.


This can lead to muscles soreness, stiffness and neck and upper back pain. It can also lead to ligament strain and the neck and upper back joints being overstretched or compacted depending on how you are sitting.


Also because the top of your spine isn’t working well, it can have a knock on effect to your low back, which could then cause low back pain and aches.


Using a laptop on it’s own, is okay if it’s done only occasionally and for a short period of time. We are simply not designed to sit with our heads bent for hours on end.



But I Only Have A Laptop So What Can I Do?


A lot of us now only have laptops instead of a traditional desktop computer. They are so much easier and portable.


However this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have good posture.


It does mean that you have to invest a little money, but it is definitely worth it. Your spinal health will be much improved, and my patients who have followed the advice have improved markedly, and need to see me far less often.


The easiest thing to do is set your laptop up at a table, and then add the following:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Laptop Stand


This means you can then set up your laptop more like a desktop.


Also you MUST get up from your desk at least EVERY 30 MINUTES to have a couple of minutes walking around and doing some shoulder rolls and gentle neck movements. This will help decompress your spine (sitting increases the loads on your discs in your back).


But Why Was I Talking About DJ Equipment?


I have been recommending my patients for ages, that they should get a laptop riser, but often, depending on how tall you are, a traditional laptop riser is not high enough. You still end up with your head bent. My laptop used to sit on a laptop stand which itself was then raised up on a box and two reams of paper!


HOWEVER I was then very excited when I then found very recently the best type of laptop stand I have seen yet!


If you go to an online shopping facility or just search in your computer’s search engine for ‘DJ LAPTOP STAND’, various choices will come up.


Because DJs often stand while working, these laptop stands are literally 2-3 times the height of the normal ones. And also some of them will be height adjustable. Hence you are more likely to find one better for you.


What To Definitely Not Do?


So once you have improved your set up using a table, avoid the following – these are all things people have told me make their neck pain or back pain worse:

  • Sitting on a sofa with a laptop
  • Sitting or lying down on your bed using a laptop (teenagers tend to do this one)
  • Sitting for hours at your laptop with your head bent down


As mentioned above you can read my other blogs on neck and upper back pain, and self care tips by either looking at my blog page, or clicking below:




Hopefully the discovery of DJ equipment will be useful to those of you who maybe struggling with your laptop posture.




Registered Osteopath, Hove and Brighton

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