Osteopathy for Headaches & Migraine Prevention

Hands on treatment to help cervicogenic headaches (related to the neck) and migraine prevention

What Causes Cervicogenic Headaches and Migraines?

Headaches which are related to the neck can be brought on by the neck joints, muscles and ligaments not working as they should. They can be stiff and tender.

A lot of the neck muscles join up with those covering the head, and this tension can lead to headaches.

Migraines can have many triggers including environmental such as food and bright light, but in some people tension through the neck and shoulders can contribute, and tension headaches too.

How Osteopathy Can Help With Cervicogenic Headaches And Migraine Prevention

Osteopathy can help by looking at your body as a whole, not just the areas that are tight in the neck and shoulders.

Hands on examination and treatment will also look at your upper and lower back too, to make sure there are no areas of stiffness.

This is because if the lower part of your spine isn’t working properly, the top part of your spine has to work harder to compensate for it. This can lead to neck problems, which in turn can lead to headaches.

Different techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation and cranial osteopathy will be chosen to suit your body.