Victoria Nixon (website review)

I was suffering from sciatica that I thought was unavoidable as part of late pregnancy.  The pain was so severe, it was stopping me from enjoying the last couple of months before my due date and had become so extreme that just getting dressed was a two person job!  After just one appointment the improvement was incredible and after two, I felt like myself again.  The combination of advice on how to prevent pain as well as the appointments to correct the issue has allowed me to continue working until I was ready to start my maternity leave.

I cannot thank Aimee enough.  I would recommend her to anyone that is suffering from pain as her friendly approach combined with the life changing results I experienced allowed me to enjoy the final months of my pregnancy, something I didn’t think possible.

I have the greatest of gratitude for all you have done.

Paul Gardner (website review)

I went to see Aimee on the recommendation of my wife, who is also a patient and who was impressed with Aimee’s holistic and effective treatment.  Having injured my lower back at work, I experienced generalised discomfort and found it difficult to sit and drive for any length of time.

After only a couple of sessions with Aimee, I was able to fly to New York with no discomfort.  I have noticed a marked improvement in my general condition.

I would definitely recommend Aimee.  She has a friendly manner that puts you at ease and a professional and gentle approach.

Sophie Rigden (Mum of patient)

We started seeing Aimee when my son was around 8 weeks old.  He was generally unhappy and not comfortable throughout the day and night, so we googled ideas to help and we came across Aimee’s website and thought it was worth a try! Didn’t think we would see so much of a difference but within a month he was a much more relaxed baby during the night and day.  People even comment on how happy and content my baby is! We then had bigger gaps between sessions and now he’s been signed off at 20 weeks.  Would highly recommend Aimee.

John Shaw

I went to see Aimee with a bad shoulder and had three sessions and the pain had reduced enough that I could swing a golf club again. I will definitely go again if I have any more pain.

Sarah Funnel

I first met Aimee here at networking and engaged with her immediately.  I really enjoyed her 10 minute slot on promoting her business and telling us about Osteopathy.

I knew I had to get Aimee to see my 17 year old daughter who had been suffering with back and shoulder pain, and as a result headaches.

On our first visit, Aimee spent a good 30 minutes going through all of Imogen’s medical history, activity levels and what she was doing at college (acting).  Aimee was very thorough and listened intently and noted things down.  She was really understanding and offered advice.

She next worked on Imogen, manipulating her gently and doing exercises on her.  She explained every step of the way what she was doing. I could see the relief on Imogen’s face almost immediately.  Aimee explained she may get emotional from the treatment afterwards, well I was emotional sitting watching her fixing my daughter!!!

After our initial visit, we booked in for a few more sessions with Aimee and I’m really pleased that Aimee has made a massive impact on Imogen’s health.  Imogen has seen Aimee 4 times now and is feeling so much better.  She has been given exercises to do and postures to stick to, with a view to contact Aimee if she feels she needs to.

I’m very impressed with Aimee, and would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Thank you so much Aimee

Freddie St George

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and formally for the excellent treatments I have been receiving from you for my back.  I am truly delighted to provide this written testimonial for you and your clinic.

The professionalism of the service you extend is exemplary and the skill and ability you possess amazing Aimee.  I feel completely at ease and relaxed when undergoing treatment in your clinic, and I know that any question I ask will be answered comprehensively yet in plain English.

You go to great lengths to explain to me what is happening in my body, and why I’m experiencing discomfort as a result.  By explaining things as you do, I’m able to further focus my efforts to ensure that the curative treatments you provide in the clinic are reinforced by my sensible approach the rest of the time.

I am seriously impressed by the treatments I have undergone and the net results thereafter.  I will recommend you to all my friends and business contacts who moan or grumble about the slightest ache or pain from now on.

Melissa Kelly

Aimée is wonderful. She has a fantastic manner to her and has helped me enormously after the birth of my son. She has also worked wonders on my son. You can’t help but warm to Aimée immediately, and it’s easy to completely put your faith in both Aimée and the osteopathy she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Susie Boylan-Coare

I visited Aimée three months after the birth of my first child. My back had become achy in late pregnancy; then I had a long and difficult labour quickly followed by many hours of relentless nursing in the early weeks with my new baby. My post-natal back was feeling very sore and unsteady!

Upon meeting Aimée she immediately made me feel at ease, she was friendly and professional, I felt very comfortable with her which is important in the early months after giving birth. Aimée understood my concerns and listened to how I felt, then set to work (gently!) focusing on the areas that were causing me pain and discomfort. She also gave me practical suggestions to use at home, for example, we looked at adjusting my sitting position whilst feeding which quickly helped improve some back pain.

She is also brilliant at accommodating my baby at the appointment, providing an activity gym and a host of entertainment whilst she gets to work putting mummy back together! I really appreciate her down-to-earth approach and flexibility; there is also a private area available to feed before or after appointments which is a really thoughtful touch.

Natalie Robins

Aimée is a fantastic osteopath. She is very knowledgeable but most importantly she is very friendly and welcoming. Aimée worked on me and my newborn baby and both of us are all the better for it.
I have recommended many friends to Aimée and they have all been just as happy.

Alina Vernon

Aimée is a very skilled and experienced osteopath. She has helped me with strong migraines in pregnancy. Her professional approach and knowledge makes you to entrust your pains and worries to her. Would recommend her to everyone who experience migraines or back pain in pregnancy.